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Informational Meetings and Lottery


Informational Meetings:
Each year, we have found that the number of students who would like to attend TRCS outnumbers the spaces that are available. We hold a public lottery each year to assure that everyone has the same opportunity. The first qualification to be considered is that the interested families MUST be residents of West Linn-Wilsonville. The only other qualification is that the student is eligible for the grade levels offered at TRCS based on birthdate.

Each spring, we announce public informational meetings which are held at TRCS. We publicize these through contact with the various administrators throughout the WLWV School District. We ask that they include a spot in their newsletter to announce these meetings. We also publicize it with an ad placed in both the West Linn Tidings newspaper and the Wilsonville Spokesman.
At these public meetings, we present TRCS and give information that might assist the community in making the decision of whether they would like to place their child in this school. We ask that all parents who are interested bring their kids to these meetings. This is a time where getting your student involved early will assist in making a positive transition. 

The Public Lottery for the 2018-19 school year is concluded.
Depending on the spaces in the school available, students are invited to attend TRCS according to the number from the public lottery. Results of the lottery will be emailed. This allows all participants to accept the slot and get their registration forms to our office. Until we are at a final school list, the school is still in the "lottery process".

If you are interested in adding your student to the waiting list for the 2018-19 school year please give our school office a call to obtain a link to the post-lottery admission form. Once we receive your submission, we will add your student's name to the next wait list slot available.

WAITING LIST: Each grade in our school has a list of students who are, in numerical order, interested in a placement at our school. As a grade level slot becomes available, the first student on this list will be contacted. We will make every attempt to contact the prospective student's parents by phone and letter. If an acceptance of this student placement is not received by phone or school office in the given time frame communicated, we will contact the next prospective student. You may call our office at any time to find the updated placement number for you student. During the summer our school phone will be checked on a regular basis.

We work to communicate fully with the waiting list throughout the school year. If we have not had the opportunity to contact you, please do not hesitate to give our school office a call.