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2017/18 Governing Board

Lisa McEldowney, Board Chair

Katherine Holtgraves, Secretary, Administrator

John Martin, Treasurer
It is my pleasure to return to the Three Rivers Charter School Board. My experience with TRCS dates back to my involvement as one of the founding families of the school and my time on the TRCS board from 2002-2006. My daughter graduated from TRCS in 2004 and now, at age 27, attributes her work ethic, commitment to high academic achievement and ability to excel under pressure in large part to her experiences at TRCS. As co-founder of a design-build construction engineering company I understand many of the challenges and opportunities facing TRCS. My role as Treasurer on the board will be to focus on strong fiscal and facilities management in order to help assure future sustainability of the school. 
Sheila Walker 
I am honored to be serving on the Board of TRCS. Both of my children, Lucy and Liam, graduated from TRCS. Our family will be forever grateful for the education they received under the leadership of Katherine, Merilee and the gifted faculty. As a teacher myself, and the Head of a small private school, I am dedicated to the belief that each child learns in their own way and it is a wonderful benefit to any community to have different educational opportunities. I am grateful to once again be a part of this nurturing, creative and passionate community.

Kate Ray
I grew up in West Linn and attended Cedar Oak Park and Bolton (when it was a middle school) before graduating from West Linn High School, where I first met Katherine and Merilee when they had their 4/5/6 class. I was thrilled to return to West Linn after college to work at Three Rivers Charter School as the Office Administrator from 2004-2012. I loved getting to know the students and their families. Some of my favorite memories include teaching cursive to the 4/5. It was so great to work in a place that taught integrity and encouraged the kids to learn about life outside of their bubble. They truly teach to their mission: Build a community with the belief that by becoming creative, compassionate, accountable learners, we will positively change all of society. Even though life pulled me in another direction professionally, TRCS has always had a special place in my heart. I’ve always carried TRCS’ motto with me and have often preached it to my friends! I am thrilled to be on the Board to help keep this wonderful school growing and moving forward.
Karen Gault
My family has been involved in the Three Rivers Charter School for the past three years. Both of my children currently attend TRCS. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the exceptional educational program at TRCS. I am continually impressed by the dedication shown by the TRCS educators and their creative approach to learning. It is impressive to see my children take ownership in their work and feel empowered in their education. I appreciate the challenge and high expectations set at TRCS. It has been inspiring to watch students rise to and exceed those high expectations. I am incredibly grateful that my children have the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive in a place like TRCS.
My background includes a bachelor’s degree in Packaging Engineering and a master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. In my first career, I worked as a Packaging Engineer in automotive electronics. After completing my master’s degree, I went on to run my own private practice focused on women’s health. Currently, I am enjoying my most challenging job yet, raising my two amazing daughters. I look forward to joining the board this year, having the opportunity to give back to my community, and contributing to the continued success at TRCS.
Denise Collins
I came to Three Rivers in 2003 via the West Linn-Wilsonville School District and Boeckman Creek Elementary School. In my years here, I have taken on the role of lead teacher for the math and sciences, my subject matter loves. I have always been inspired by the Core Values and the work around character building at TRCS. With students learning to be empowered, they go out into the world with confidence and the belief in themselves that they can do whatever they set their minds to do. When challenges arise (and they always do), they have the ability to think through the problem, face it with a plan, and be kind both to others and themselves in overcoming it. I consider  this school to be my "gold mine" and a dream come true! In my spare time, I enjoy family time, working in the kitchen, and finding ways to help the world be a better place through volunteering.  
Elizabeth Mathis 
After my two daughters entered elementary school nine years ago, I decided it was time to get back into the working world. With experience working in another WLWV school and a strong interest in charter schools, I knew TRCS was the perfect place for me! In 2008, I started as a part time Instructional Assistant and, over the years, gradually worked my way up to my current position of Office Coordinator. I have the unique perspective of having seen nearly every aspect of TRCS, both from an educational and business perspective. I am very excited and honored to be on the board and part of the leadership of this amazing organization! 

2017/18 Advisory Board