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Measures of Success

Individual Students
Student success will be based on the high standards of the Oregon Education Act for the 21st Century. All students will participate in benchmark tests (4th - 8th grades). Along with these standardized assessments, students will also be measured by:

Performance Task Evaluations
  • Student Conferencing
  • Formal Reporting of Student Progress
  • Work Samples

Three Rivers Charter School overall evaluations:

  • Analysis of Student Achievement based on CIM Benchmarks
  • Parent and student survey regarding the effectiveness of the program
  • Summary of attendance data
  • Creation of an annual school improvement plan and its yearly results
  • Current financial statement review and yearly municipal audit
  • Board of Directors evaluation of administrative staff of the Three River Charter School
  • State of Oregon Charter School Evaluation Tools
  • Staff Evaluations completed by Administrator of Three Rivers Charter School. Reviewed by the Board of Directors
  • Personnel Committee yearly.