Fundraising is a constant event here at TRCS. Because we receive less than the surrounding schools, it is imperative that we cut costs as much as possible, but larger than that, provide the strongest educational program possible.

The TRCS Boards primary responsibility is to cover the gap in funding. This is possible through many events. The shortfall fund is called the Kids First fund. After the budget is proposed to the Board, the deficit is divided amongst the families and they are requested to make a yearly donation to cover the costs of the shortfall.

Because we are a public school, we cannot require families to make this donation, and thus the need for fundraisers arises. We try to allow for many types of events - so that families can participate at all levels. We hope to continue to offer both social activities along with fundraisers that will allow for all of our community to find many positive reasons to belong to the TRCS community.
  • Kids First Giving Campaign - Each family makes a choice and commitment to TRCS in the spring of the year. We ask that they assist in the financial obligations of this educational organization each year.
  • Two Fundraising Opportunities - One in the fall and the other late January - to assist parents with Outdoor School costs. 
  • Other events as needed to cover the shortfall of our school’s yearly budget